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Founded by Armyan Bernstein in 1990, Beacon Pictures is one of the most respected independent motion picture companies in the entertainment industry.

Beacon has produced many critically acclaimed and commercially successful films, including THE COMMITMENTS, nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Picture in 1991 and winner of four BAFTA Awards; AIR FORCE ONE, starring Harrison Ford; THE FAMILY MAN, starring Nicolas Cage; THE GUARDIAN, OPEN RANGE, THIRTEEN DAYS and FOR THE LOVE OF THE GAME, starring Kevin Costner; END OF DAYS, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger; THE HURRICANE, starring Denzel Washington (winner of an Academy Award for Best Actor) and nominated for both an Academy Award and Golden Globe for Best Picture; BRING IT ON, starring Kirsten Dunst; Keith Gordon's critical triumph, A MIDNIGHT CLEAR, starring Ethan Hawke; David Mamet's A LIFE IN THE THEATRE, winner of a cable ACE Award for Best Dramatic or Theatrical Special; SUGAR HILL, starring Wesley Snipes; SPY GAME, starring Brad Pitt and Robert Redford.

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